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First Fridge Launch Package

 Welcome to retail empowerment!


This is your first step toward launching your new fresh food location. This sounds like a lot more than a vending machine because it is! Maximizing your ROI requires the right equipment, tools and support. We've made it simple by putting it all into one launch package. Only your first fridge requires the launch package. 

Smart Fridge










Merchandising Kit

Operator Training Program

Starting Sticker Inventory (10,000)

First Month Service Bundle

Launch Package Discount


bt scanner.jpg
Merchandising Kit


  • credit card reader

  • bluetooth scanner

  • shelf dividers

  • . . .

square fridge logo copy-100.jpg
Operator Training Program


  • 4 pre-launch calls

  • 2 post-launch calls

  • . . .

Starting Sticker Inventory


  • 5,000 plastic packaging stickers

  • 5,000 metal packaging stickers

square fridge logo-100.jpg
Monthly Service Bundle


  • dashboard hosting

  • operations app + hosting

  • . . .

Shipping / Returns

Arrival: Fridges typically ship in 2-6 weeks.

Shipping: We'll send you a quote one week before shipping.

Returns: Upon purchase we start engineering your custom Google and Apple smartphone operations apps and dashboard. We can refund 50% up until the time of shipping, no refunds can be made after your fridge has shipped.


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